Welcome to the Horváth Pricing Excellence Quick Check.
To evaluate your company's Pricing maturity level, we ask you to complete a self-assessment based on 19 questions related to our Pricing Excellence Framework:

1) Price Strategy
2) Price Setting
3) Price Enforcement
4) Price Controlling
5) Enabler/ Pricing Tools

You will need about 15-25 minutes to complete the survey. You can interrupt the process at any time and resume by a simple click on the same link. Your entries are being saved.
A few days after completing the Quick Check, you will receive a rough assessment of your company’s Pricing maturity based on your answers and the market average of your competitors.
The survey is conducted with the online survey tool Netigate. Your participation in the survey is, of course, voluntary and you have the option at any time to cancel the survey or to revoke the data provided.
If you are interested in a detailed and individual evaluation of your results and a personal exchange with one of our experts, you will be given the opportunity to leave your contact details at the end of the survey.
Please use the corresponding buttons at the bottom right or bottom left to navigate within the questionnaire.
Start the audit by clicking on the button "Start Survey”.