Your thoughts and views are important to us!

We are committed to continuous dialogue and engagement with our stakeholders, and your opinion is important for us. We would like to invite you to share your thoughts and opinions on how Neste as a company should further strengthen its global sustainability efforts.

Sustainability is integrated into our core businesses. This stakeholder survey is part of our regularly updated sustainability materiality assessment that will help us identify and understand those sustainability issues that are important to you as our stakeholders, and the most critical to our business. The results will be used to develop our sustainability practices.

We ask you to assess from your own point of view, based on your relationship with and knowledge of Neste, which of the following sustainability topics are most important to Neste. When giving your assessment, we ask you to consider the topics in respect of Neste’s own operations and the supply chain, including direct impacts and indirect impacts.

In the following page we ask you to assess 18 sustainability topics. At the end, there are two open questions, so that you will have a chance to give comments. Participation is anonymous and it takes altogether about 10 minutes to answer.

Stakeholder survey is conducted in cooperation with KPMG Oy Ab.

The survey will begin once you have given your approval for processing the data on the next page.