Apply for a payment break

What is a payment break?

A payment break is a short break from making payments for your Northumbrian Water bill. They're here for you if you experience unexpected changes in your circumstances, such as a change in your income.

Payments from the break will be spread out across the year, so you can catch up again.

Please note, the missed payments during the break period will be collected in future payments. This scheme is not suitable for customers who will be unable to make up their payments in future months. If you feel you will be unable to afford your payments after the break, please see our range of financial support schemes here.

Please also note, this application will be recorded under the first person named on the bill. 

Direct Debit payments 

Your payment holiday will start from your next payment, however if your payment is due in the next 10 days, we may not be able to stop your Direct Debit payment from being taken. In this instance, the payment holiday will start the following month.

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Contacting you

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