Terms and conditions

You are being invited to participate in a research study. The purpose of the study is to identify the factors that contribute to successful dog-human relationships. You are being invited to participate because you are currently a dog owner. In order to paricipate, you need to be at least 18 years old.

Your participation is entirely voluntary which means you are free to choose whether or not to participate. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to respond to an online questionnaire that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is entirely anonymous, and you will not be asked to disclose your name or provide any other form of identifying information.There are no foreseeable risks to participating in the study, and you and your dog will not derive any direct benefits from participation, although the results of the study may benefit other dogs and their owners in the future.

If you have any questions or there is something you do not understand, please feel free to contact James Serpell, serpell@upenn.edu, for clarification.

If at this time you choose to participate, please check the "I consent to participate" box below. You will then be taken to the online questionnaire.

Privacy and Consent