Sustainable Music

Starting the season 2020/2021, the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra has decided to prioritize soloists and conductors who travel to us by other means than by airplane.
We have received many interesting suggestions from individual soloists, conductors, composers and agencies. In response to that we now invite all interested parties to fill in this form. Submit your programming suggestions for the 2020/2021 season here!
The overall theme is Music and the environment. Any piece (or entire program) should in some way be connected to this theme (metaphorically or directly).

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Taking the next step!
Apr 25, 2019 15:52 CEST

Helsingborg Concert Hall
Helsingborg Concert Hall & Symphony Orchestra aspires to be a cultural institution that promotes development in the music industry, seeking new ways forward. During the 2020/21 season, HSO will cease to use air travel to bring in musicians and conductors.
One of many myths in the industry is that classical orchestral music is dependent on the use of air travel to be able to offer high quality concerts.
"We are convinced that there are a sufficient number of competent musicians and artists within the limits for rail, road and sea travel. We are now inviting in soloists, conductors and agencies who are willing to support our belief that even classical orchestra music can be included in sustainable development,” says Fredrik Österling, director of Helsingborg Concert Hall.
The concept will be put into practice in autumn 2020, at the start of the season, with the period until then seeing collaborations and partnerships being developed.
“There’s a creative opportunity here for orchestral Sweden. It will be exciting to see who catches on and who decides to stay put on the platform,” says Fredrik Österling.