Measure Employee Engagement with eNPS

This survey using Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) lets you measure your staff’s engagement quickly and easily. eNPS is based on one simple questions – it asks the employees on a scale from 0 to 10 how willing they are to recommend the organisation as an employer. eNPS uses the Net Promoter Score mechanism, which is a well-established metric for measuring customer loyalty. The central question for employee engagement is: “How willing are you to recommend your employer to a family member or friend?”

How Does eNPS Work?

The respondents are divided into the following three categories based on their answer to the eNPS question:

Promoters (answered 9 or 10)  are loyal and enthusiastic and are the most-likely to recommend your organisation as an employer to their peers.

Passives (answered 7 or 8) are satisfied employees who are not very engaged and say neither good nor bad things about their employer.

Detractors (answered 0 to 6) are less satisfied with their job, which leads to a higher chance that they will talk badly about their employer.

*NPS is a registered trademark from Fred Reichfeld, Bain & Co and Satmetrix.