Welcome to the application to the KTH Inovation pre-incubator and Batch 7!

This is the first out of two steps in the selection procedure. Step 1 is a pre-selection/screening step for new projects which have not been in contact with KTH Innovation and have not received coaching on development of the business idea. Please review the entry criteria below to make sure you are eligible. For more information or if you have any questions about the application process, please contact innovation@kth.se

If you're already in contact or working with KTH Innovation on your idea you don't need to fill out this online submission. Contact your business coach to see if you are eligible to enter step 2.

Information about the selection procedure

Step 1-  Online submission of a short description of your business concept and its status. Step 1 is for you who have not been in contact with KTH Innovation before. After submitting the application you will be contacted by KTH Innovation for a meeting to discuss your project in more detail. Deadline for step 1 is Feb 28th 2018.

Step 2- Selected projects  from step 1 that meets the criteria  and cases already working with KTH Innovation will be invited to enter step 2. This includes submission of an application according to a template that will be provided and be prepared jointly with an assigned business coach from KTH Innovation.

The submitted applications will then be reviewed by a decision group and select of final accepted projects. Ca 10 projects will be accepted into Batch 7 which will start mid-end March 2018.

Entry criteria for Step 1:

- Is your idea tech-based with a core of technology that underlies the business concept?

- Is the business concept of your idea innovative and unique?

- Does your idea have a scalable revenue potential- at least 5 MSEK in yearly revenue every in 5 years?

- Timing-is your idea ready to be launched to market within 1-2 years?

- Is your team (at least 50%) current KTH students or researchers

- Are you committed to spend time and effort on your project?

- Are you seeking an inspirational environment together with other entrepreneurs to develop your idea in?

If you can answer YES to above questions - your idea is suitable for the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program!

Please start the application right away by clicking the green button here below saying "start survey".

Good luck!