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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

"Did you know that it is six to seven times more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one?" 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are used to find out what your customers think about you as a supplier. Feedback from your customers will give you valuable insights to continuously improve your offer, increase customer loyalty and boost sales figures.

By measuring customer satisfaction you will also be able to predict the future. High levels of customer satisfaction indicate a higher probability for customer retention, customer loyalty and repurchase probability. On the other hand, lower levels will give you valuable insights into what your customers think about certain areas that need improvement.

Note that this survey template is a light version, which means that it contains fewer questions with a focus on general questions rather than digging into the details.

This survey evaluates aspects such as:
  • Product/service
  • Information
  • Customer service
  • Website
  • [Companyname]'s development
  • [Companyname]'s characteristics, strengths and suggestions for improvement

Suggestions: Use background data to prepopulate the survey with information about the respondent that can be used later in survey analysis

Example of introduction text:

Thank you for the confidence you have shown by choosing us as your supplier.

We at [Companyname] are very keen to find out what our customers think about us as a supplier. Hence, we are conducting a survey in which you have the opportunity to share how you perceive our performance.

The survey takes only two minutes to complete. Please take the opportunity to use the open questions to express your opinions. By answering the survey, we will have a greater opportunity to serve you even better.

We look forward to receiving your opinions!

Thank you,