Manager360° analysis

The first step to improving as a leader is to be open to feedback. Without knowing your strengths and weaknesses, it is hard to know what you need to improve and what you’re already doing well. By evaluating leadership skills with a 360 Degree Feedback survey, your managers will get the information they need to become the best leaders possible.

Evaluating managers is a great way to get insights that can be used for both personal and professional development. 360 Degree Feedback evaluations are a method whereby the manager is evaluated from three levels: higher managers, same-level managers and subordinates.

Why evaluate managers in this way?
Getting feedback from different persons at different levels gives the whole picture, and comparing this with the manager’s own opinions of their leadership skills makes it easier to find similarities and differences. A 360 Degree Feedback survey evaluates managers from three levels to give the feedback they need to be able to improve, for example, communication skills, developing strengths and working on their weaknesses.

The manager is evaluated in four steps;
  1. How the manager's leadership is perceived
  2. General attributes
  3. How the manager acts in different situations
  4. Other strengths and weaknesses

Example of introduction text:

In order to develop our employees individually, it is important we are continuously updated on how they feel and perform. One step in this development is to examine how managers manage their daily work and how people around them experience them.

This 360° analysis examines a selected person from four different perspectives in which the subordinates, same-level workers and superiors make a judgment together with the selected person.

The objective of this analysis is to estimate the person based on different leadership aspects and approaches.

The different perspectives subsequently result in a comparable metric that clearly shows the different persons' perceptions of the manager and the discrepancies between them. The result can be used in performance reviews and for general coaching.

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