Onboarding of New Employees

Making every new employee’s first weeks as good as possible is important to give them the best start. An onboarding survey gives you the information you need to make sure every new employee receives all the relevant information and valuable input about how they perceived the recruitment process and their first impressions of the new company.

An employee onboarding survey will help you evaluate and improve both how you recruit and the first days at the company for new staff. A good recruitment process is important for an efficient search for the right talent. Do you know if you are already using it in the best possible way or are you just following old routines? With an employee onboarding survey you can find out how you can work more efficiently and appear more attractive as an employer.

This survey evaluates aspects such as:

  • The overall impression of the onboarding process
  • The impressions of the recruitment process
  • The first day at [Companyname]
  • Evaluation of different aspects of the onboarding process