Employee Satisfaction Light

Satisfied employees are more motivated and engaged in the company. An employee satisfaction survey will deliver clear and actionable feedback on how your company needs to improve and where you are doing well. Employees who are satisfied with their tasks and their workplace are more likely to stay longer and are better ambassadors for the company.

Nowadays people change workplaces more often than before and companies need to work proactively to stay attractive as an employer. Can you tell what makes your employees satisfied with your organisation and what areas you need to improve? Most of the time you have to ask to get the right information and the employee satisfaction survey plays an important role in that. The results from an initial employee satisfaction survey, will pinpoint areas in your company where employees are dissatisfied and areas you need to improve. The next survey will show you if your actions resulted in any improvements - which they mostly do.

This survey evaluates aspects of [Companyname] such as:

  • Likelihood to recommend [Companyname] as an employer
  • The overall view of [Companyname]
  • The physical work environment
  • The service functions
  • The psychological work environment and employee relations
  • The work tasks
  • The management team
  • The skills training
  • The information