Web 360

Using forms, widgets or surveys to get website feedback from your visitors – the ones who matter most – are different ways to ask questions directly. These different feedback modules can be used for different purposes. For example, how does your visitor regard your website? How did they get to your website? Why are they visiting? Suggestions for improvements?

With direct feedback you ask your visitor for their opinion at the right time – when they are on your website and it a qualitative complement to the quantitative data from website statistic tools such as Google Analytics. It is the most direct way to find out if your visitors are attracted by your design, message and offer. The purpose of the survey is to assure the quality of the website and gain insight into potential areas for improvement.

This survey evaluates aspects such as:

  • Who your visitors are, how often they visit the website and how they found the website
  • The purpose of the visit
  • How well does the website meet the visitor's expectations
  • Evaluation of the site's various attributes
  • Suggestions for improvement

Suggestions: If you are conducting your survey via a pop-up, it is important that you briefly describe why the visitor should participate in the survey. In addition to this, make sure that the design of the pop-up is in line with the graphical profile on your website.