Political Opinion Poll

An opinion poll is a survey of public opinion and is usually designed to represent the views of a population. Opinion polls are most commonly used for political purposes, but can also be used to find out how specific factors, such as e.g. the introduction of new laws or an urgent subject may affect your organisation. From a marketing perspective, opinion polls are carried out to find out what consumers think, for example about new products or services. Wouldn’t it be great to be the first to know where the world is turning? 

What Influences Your Organisation?

Every organisation is affected by external factors that they cannot control. New regulations, market development, political proposals or local initiatives may have a powerful impact and can determine the future of your organisation. Both companies and organisations conduct opinion polls to receive important guidance on social issues or for business intelligence. But many organisations also use opinion polls as a way to strengthen their arguments or to effectively lift their questions to the political agenda.

A political opinion poll is usually carried out on a sample of about 1000 people, randomly selected from a population of eligible voters. The results should be regarded as an approximate value of the public opinion in the population of all eligible voters.