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Concept test - Product

This study aims to investigate how a new concept would be received in the market. "Concept test" describes the launch of a new product, website, campaign or similar. Concept testing identifies the target group's beliefs, desires and needs of a particular product or service, and contribute insights to enhance your product development and communication.

  • Define your target group for the survey. Which customer segments/groups do you investigate?
  • Be sure to ask the right background questions. With the help of background questions you can break down the results and drill deep  into each question.

This survey evaluates aspects such as:
  • Target group's awareness about brands in the same product category
  • Purchasing habits
  • Introducing the new concept
  • Overall impression of the concept
  • Target group's associations with the brand
  • Value estimate of the product
  • The target group's intention of purchase and recommendation