1. Software User Needs Survey - NICE

About the EU Horizon 2020 project Innovative and Enhanced Nature-Based Solutions for Sustainable Urban Water Cycle (NICE):

Water pollution is a serious threat to both ecosystems and human health. NICE aims to help develop and promote techniques to reduce water pollution via Nature Based Solutions (NBS) which use vegetation and other natural materials to filter and clean water.

Water pollution must be addressed at many scales from solutions for individual buildings to large wetlands and the appropriate NBS may change depending on the context and the type of pollution. NICE is developing a computer model to help those responsible for managing water quality select the type and scale of NBS needed for their context. For more information on NICE click here.

About this survey:

This survey is aimed at understanding the needs of potential users of our software. We wish to know more about what kinds of water issues your organisation might handle with NBS and what design features are important to ensure our software is useful for your context.