Speaker Application 2022/2023

TEDx Frankfurt is looking for innovative speakers with ground-breaking ideas that will change the world. Are you one of them?

We would love to meet you! We welcome you to participate in the TEDx Frankfurt Event in 2022 and share your thought-provoking story, inspiring idea and passionate vision with our Frankfurt community.

Your TEDx Talk will open doors for our community to spark new conversations and connections that make a lasting impact. Apply now - The world is waiting to meet you and listen to your TEDx Talk!

Step 1: Submit your idea by completing this form by clicking on "Start Survey" in the right bottom corner

Step 2: Record a 2-minute video answering these 4 questions:

1.Who are you and what are your credentials?
2.What is your idea you want to share?
3.What insights will you leave the audience with?
4.Why should we invite you to give a TEDx Talk @ TEDxFrankfurt?

Step 3: Upload your video on Youtube or TEDxFrankfurt Dropbox

The first round of speaker curation has ended on 15.03.2022.
However, you can still submit your idea for your TEDxTalk and get a place on our waiting list or be confirmed for our next event in 2023.

We cannot wait to bring your ideas to life!

This is going to be fun, informative and inspiring - are you ready?

Your TEDxFrankfurt Team