1. Hosting foreign mission

Foreign mission

email address

Contact person, complete address, email address and cellphone number

2. Toolkit to report
Please select which toolkit your evaluation concerns

3. Implementation
What happened and how did it go?

Please describe the event.

Where did the event take place?

Did you use the material on several occations? If so, please indicate the dates for each occasion.

If you had set specific goals for the project, what were they and how were they met? (press, target group etc)

4. Number of visitors
If several events, please indicate number of visitors per event. Also specify how the count was done (counted/estimate/tickets sold etc?).

5. Costs for the entire project (in SEK)
Specify your costs of printing, production of text signs, framing, hanging and costs for Swedish guest speaker in reference to the budget specified in your application.

Production costs (printing etc)


Venue (incl technical equipment)

Swedish guest speaker (travel, accomodation, remuneration, participation fee)

Communication costs

Other costs, please specify

Total amount spent in SEK

6. Budget vs costs
If you after complete project have a budget surplus of more than 10% of the funds received from SI, please report the amount and suggest if you wish to refund it to SI or if you have suggestions of alternative use for similar projects.

7. The toolkit's usability

Was the toolkit easy to use? (instructions, content etc) 

Do you have any suggestions on how the toolkit could be made more user friendly?

What experiences from this project would you share with anyone doing a similar project?

8. General comments

9. Did you get media coverage? If yes, please send the material to the project manager or insert it below.
Be sure to include the names of the media channels/news papers together with the links.