Cornwall IFCA Recreational Sea Angling survey 2017.

Cornwall IFCA is responsible for marine fisheries and environmental management in our estuaries and inshore waters out to six nautical miles. It was established on 1 April 2011 as a result of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. The Authority has taken over the duties, responsibilities and assets of Cornwall Sea Fisheries Committee, together with a broader remit for the sustainable management of the inshore marine environment.

We can help to draft and support codes of conduct and informal agreements, as well as creating local byelaws relating to fishing activities in Cornwall. Cornwall IFCA should only make byelaws where there is a clear evidence to support the reason for the byelaw. 

Any byelaw made by Cornwall IFCA should be used in a proportionate and targeted way, in line with regulatory good practice.      

This short survey will not take long and will not ask you for any personal information. The information you provide us will be used to help us better understand the recreational sea angling sector in Cornwall and the issues facing recreational sea anglers. Survey responses are anonymous and the results and all comments will be published in a public report.


In June 2016, Cornwall IFCA published its Recreational Sea Angling strategy.

The aim of this strategy is to “include the views and aspirations of the recreational sea angling sector into the management of its fisheries in a transparent and fair manner”

One of the key objectives of the strategy is to create "a framework to identify achievable benefits for recreational anglers". 

This will take the form of a Recreational Sea Angling Action Plan.

In October 2016, Cornwall IFCA held a public meeting to gather ideas from the Recreational Sea Angling sector as to what should be in the Action Plan.

We would like your help to prioritise and add to these ideas.