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Were you aware that Northumbrian Water has been called to your postcode area three times to unblock the drains? These blockages have been caused by residents putting the wrong things down their toilets and sinks.

Please tick which of these items should NOT be put down the toilet or sink.
(Please select all the appropriate items)

Toilet paper
Baby wipes
Cotton wool
Sanitary products

Left over food waste
Hot oil/fat
Egg shells
Dirty water
Frying pan grease

Have you seen or heard of Northumbrian Water’s blockage mascot Dwaine Pipe ?

If you have answered yes, please tell us where.

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VOUCHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer is only open to customers of Northumbrian Water who have received a repeat blockage leaflet through the post. Addresses and postcodes will be checked and verified before a shopping voucher is mailed to the address provided on this form. Only one claim per household. The shopping voucher will be posted within one month of this form being completed. By claiming your voucher you are consenting to these terms and conditions.