Cornwall Council Draft Customer Promise

We are developing a new Customer Promise, which is really important for us to help our staff understand what is expected of them and also explains the level of service you should receive from the Council.

A Customer Promise is our first step towards setting out Customer Standards within our services to meet specific needs for people who access or use our services.

With continued funding cuts, we have to accept that Council services must change to deliver savings and provide services efficiently. Within this changing shape of local Government, we greatly value your input into shaping our Customer Promise to make sure we are able to clearly explain what level of service you, and our other residents, can expect to receive.

We would appreciate your views on the draft version of our Customer Promise, which sets out how we will:

  • ensure that our services are accessible
  • maintain your confidentiality
  • listen to your views and act accordingly
  • treat you with dignity and respect
  • use language that is easy to understand
  • be open and honest and explain our decisions
  • give you choices on how and when you contact us

Please read our draft Customer Promise before answering our survey questions on the following pages.

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