1. Toolkit for evaluation
Please select which toolkit your evaluation concerns

If you have used more than one toolkit during the same event, please mark all toolkits used.
7 Day Challenge
8 reasons why Sweden rocks
AccessAbility & Design for Dignity
Curators of Sweden
Dance Screen Sweden
Eco Fika
Exhibition module
Facing the Climate
Higher education pre-departure events
Higher education student fairs
Innovation photo contest
LGBTQ in film
Light on Bike
MIG Talks
Nice People
Online Energy Challenge
Patterns of the Biosphere
Pioneering a feminist foreign Policy
Portraits of Migration
Raoul Wallenberg exhibition
Retoy Toy Swap
Sverige A-Ö
Sweden Alumni Relations
Swedish Crime Scenes
Swedish Dads
Swedish Fashion and Design Stories
The Cube Project
The makings of Swedish Freedom of the Press
Understanding the image of Sweden in your country
Where Children Grow
Woodland Sweden

2. Hosting foreign mission

Foreign mission

email address

Contact person, complete address, email address and cellphone number

3. City, country and date where/when the project took place

4. Project aims and objectives
What goals did you put in your projects application and how did you meet those goals?

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3

5. Target groups
What target groups did you intend to reach and to what extent did you reach them?

6. Local partners
(If any)

7. How was the project promoted and what was the result of the promotion? 

8. Local costs

9. Number of visitors
If several events, please indicate number of visitors per event. Also specify how the count was done (counted/estimate/tickets sold etc?).

10. What experiences from this project would you share with anyone doing a similar project?

11. What do you think to be the project’s main reasons for success?

12. General comments

13. Can other foreign missions contact you regarding your experiences of this project?