Stakeholder survey to identify Ålö's most important sustainability areas

of great importance for us at Ålö to listen to our stakeholders and understand your expectations. By doing that we will identify challenges and opportunities associated with the company´s operations. We will gain an understanding for which priorities we must set in order to gradually reduce the negative impact and increase the positive impact on the environment and communities, to become a more sustainable company.

Our ambition is to identify a number of prioritised sustainability areas during 2017. We will do that through dialogue with stakeholders, the owners' directive and Ålö’s own assessment of the company's impact on the environment. By working with continuous improvements in these areas, Ålö will gradually become a more sustainable company.

Thank you for contributing to this important work!

Definition of Sustainability
At Ålö, we understand sustainability as responsible corporate behavior that leads to long-term business success and is in harmony with the environment and society.